Alkaline Water: Gerson is rolling in his grave!

Ok, I finally have to say “something”…and it isn’t going to be good…about this ‘fad’ to buy these $3k – $5k alkaline water machines. I have to say something because I now personally know 5 people that have gotten sick using them…and here is how and why…in this blog and more.

Everyone these days knows it is good to be alkaline.

But what EXACTLY is pH?

pH means “potential hydrogen”.  And if there is a lot of hydrogen in the substance, it is acid.  Not so much hydrogen and more bicarbonate, it is alkaline.

So, when I first heard about alkaline water machines many years ago of course I was really curious and wondering how in the world they were going to strip some H protons out of water.  Or add bicarbonate to it.

So, I asked for a jug of it…and took it to my lab and tested it.

Wow! Yes, the pH was alkaline.  Very alkaline.  Like 9.0.

But why? How?

So, I decided to measure the free ‘salts’ in the sample I had.

First of all, what are ‘salts’?

By salts I am meaning free ions of something like sodium, potassium, calcium etc.

And I found that the salt content of the water was 800!!!  This is a HUGE amount of dissolved solids (ie: TDS = total dissolved solids) in the water.  For example, that is as high or higher as many spring waters.

So, curious, I decided to do my next experiment.

I got a friend’s distiller.  I got 1 gallon each of city tap water, alkaline water and reverse osmosis water.

I then distilled each one, one at a time and then poured the 3 oz residue left over after the 1 gallon distillation into a small glass.  I did this for each of the three gallons.

The results:

1. City water:  Looked like yellow urine.  After sitting for 24 hours there was some residue at the bottom of the jar but not much.

2. Reverse Osmosis water:  Looked clear.  A bit of translucency.  No residue at the bottom of jar.

3.  Alkaline water:  Yellow, but not as yellow as city water.  But after 24 hours there was, no joke, a 1″ chunk of sandish looking stuff at the bottom.  THAT is all the total dissolved solids, aka ions, aka salts, in that gallon of water.  The reason they had dropped to the bottom of glass was because that small amount of water was ‘saturated’ and couldn’t keep but part of the ions hydrated and floating.  Thus, the rest were on the bottom of the glass.

What does all this mean?

It means many things.

The most basic thing it means is the alkaline machines are NOT purifying the water — hence yellow stuff suspended — who knows what that stuff is.  Heavy metals? Drugs?  Paints, solvents, pesticide?  Who knows.  But it was still there.

So for this reason alone, the water is NOT pure and would NEVER in a million years be Gerson-approved.  Gerson was adamant that toxins in the water and especially enzyme inhibiting fluorine MUST be removed from the water.  And since fluorine is a super little atomic bugger it is difficult to get out of water supply — ie: travels right through every filter including even reverse osmosis.  Reverse osmosis machines only get out about 90% of the fluorine.  So you can only imagine how much fluorine these alkaline water machines are NOT removing!

The next important pearl is that alkaline machines are producing basically super saturated spring water — water absolutely loaded with free minerals.  This is why friends have told me that if they forget to clean a glass that had alkaline water in it and it evaporates they see a thin film of ‘white stain’ on the glass — these are mineral deposits!

Yes, super saturated mineral water will TEST alkaline due to all the minerals, but that’s not the same as a “buffering agent” such as bicarb.

Now I hear people saying “but we need our minerals! Where will we get our minerals?”

Where does the cow or horse get all his minerals from? These are huge animals and need huge sources of minerals.

Answer:  The minerals are ORGANICALLY found in the FOOD the animal is eating.  Like grass.  Loaded with magnesium.

ORGANICALLY found does NOT mean “no pesticide”.

It means the mineral is found BONDED as part of a MOLECULE…specifically a CARBON MOLECULE.

In other words, the mineral is IN A MOLECULE.  It is not in ION form which is the form found in spring water, alkaline water etc.

But even given all this, this is NOT the worst thing that alkaline water does to our health.  And no, it isn’t even all the major STRESS those minerals put on the kidneys to filter them out.  And no, it isn’t even the DEPOSITION of all the unmetabolized, unkidney eliminated ionic minerals clogging the lymph and matrix (cells/tissues surrounding the organs).

The worst thing in my mind these super saturated mineral waters (aka: alkaline water) is doing is this…and Gerson would applaud me for saying it:

“The worst thing all these minerals is doing is it is upsetting the incredibly fragile osmotic pressure of each cell — and especially the sodium/potassium balance — which is CRITICAL so that the cell does NOT swell with water, lose its structured water, cease to make ATP (energy) and basically, turn cancerous.”

Gerson would agree.  Dr. Gilbert Ling would agree.  And Dr. Freeman Cope would agree. And, MRI proves it all — ie: cancer cells swell just like I said and lose their internal structured water.

In other words, Gerson would agree I am sure that alkaline water machines would ‘feed cancer’ … if not even help cancer get started.

My friends that got sick from alkaline water all got different forms of problems: arteriosclerosis, edema, high blood pressure, kidney stones —

Now, keep in mind that all these diseases mentioned above are clinically shown to reverse  while on Gerson therapy.  Why?  Because Gerson is so directly opposite of what the alkaline water is doing — Gerson returns the cellular osmotic pressure to normalcy.  Alkaline water does exactly the opposite.  THAT is why two programs, both of which cause you to throw off alkaline urine, can have opposite (healthy vs disease) results.

Anyway, I’ll stop my rant now. But buyer beware!  Save your $3k – $5k…and your health.  Drink veggie juice — NOT alkaline ‘rock’ water!

In my book, alkaline water is NOT safe.  And I feel confident would agree.

2 thoughts on “Alkaline Water: Gerson is rolling in his grave!

  1. I actually have three households in my family with these machines, but they haven’t owned them very long (all purchased within the last few months). I’ve done a little internet research on these machines, but I haven’t done near enough to speak intelligently about them. It seemed to me that for every rave review there was a negative. So, it does concern me that my family is drinking this water….especially after reading your post! One of my family members did cure her fungal problems on her feet by soaking her feet in the acidic water and then following up with the PH water (several times a day for a week or two). Also, her little dog had some sort of skin problem (hair had even fallen out). She did the same thing to her dog that she did to her feet and within a short time the dog regrew it’s hair and is fine. I’m still out to lunch on drinking the water, but I can’t ignore the improvements of the skin issues. What are your views on this water for the skin?

    I’m very impressed you performed your own scientific experiment. Just curious, do you think your experiment would have been any different if you used purified water and then ran it through the alkaline machine? Curious if you think the machine is somehow producing these minerals or if they’re already present in the city tap water? Basically, I’m just curious if these machines could be beneficial if you used reverse osmosis water (or some other form of purified water). I know some machines actually add sodium bicarb, but my families machines do not do this. What kind of water purification system do you use?

    Sorry, one more question. Because of the need to wash so many veggies/fruits on this therapy. I’m curious if you think soaking them in either alkaline or acidic water could be a good thing? Supposedly after soaking their produce with the water (I can’t remember if it is acidic or ph) they can see all the junk removed from the produce in the water (say this doesn’t happen if they put the produce in regular tap water). And they say that the produce stays fresh so much longer. I’ve been cleaning/soaking my produce with vinegar water, but wonder if this might be a better alternative. What do you think? What do you clean your produce with?

    I just want to say I’m not here to debate or challenge you in any way. I’ve had my own concerns about this water after reading quite a bit of negative info on the web. I find it particularly troublesome that you know 5 people who drank this water and now all have problems.

    I enjoy reading your posts! Thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment. First of all, I have written a new blog that will appear soon that I hope will answer all your comments/questions. And secondly, watch your family members for these symptoms:

      1. Deposition of minerals in tissues: Calcium deposits in breast, kidney stones, new bone masses on the spine, arthritis, hardening of arteries etc.

      2. Spasm/relaxation symptoms: Cramps in calves, toes, arteries (higher blood pressure), intestinal spasms etc

      3. Loss of structured water inside cells (aka: tissue damage syndrome as defined by Dr. Cope) symptoms: Can be just about any disorder, but cancer for sure is one of them too.

      4. The clogging of the matrix/mesenchyme tissue that surrounds organs: Same as #3 above.

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